Custom Embroidered U.S. Air Force Ball Cap - Text & Up to 9 Ribbons (+$4/ribbon)

Air Force Custom Cap - Text & Ribbons
Air Force Custom Cap - Text & Ribbons
Hat Color:  Text for Top Line (max 25): Bottom Line of Text (max 23): Top Line Text Color:  Ribbon #1:  Ribbon #2:  Ribbon #3:  Ribbon #4:  Ribbon #5:  Ribbon #6:  Ribbon #7:  Ribbon #8:  Ribbon #9:  Attachments on Ribbons: RIGHT SIDE (RS) - Custom Text 12.99 OR Flag 7.99 over Right Ear:  RS Line 1 (Must select Text over Right Ear above, max 11): RS Line 2 (max 11): RS Line 3 (max 11): LEFT SIDE (LS) - Custom Text 12.99 OR Flag 7.99 over Left Ear :  LS Line 1 (Must select Text over Left Ear above, max 11): LS Line 2 (max 11): LS Line 3 (max 11): BACK PANEL (BP) - Custom Text 12.99 OR Flag 7.99 over Back Opening:  BP Line 1 (Must select Text over Back above, max 11): BP Line 2 (max 11): BP Line 3 (max 11): Do you want decorative Gold Leaves (aka Scrambled Eggs) on the visor?: 
Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

Product Description

Air Force Custom Cap - Text & Ribbons
- Ribbons placed in correct order automatically
- 100% Made in USA
- Fits up to 7 3/4"
- All embroidery done directly to the cap
- Adjustable two-piece cloth Velcro strap

Gold Braid Decorative Leaves aka "Scrambled Eggs"

scrambled eggs military cap decorative gold leaves army

Eggs-1 = Decoration on civilian apparel and do not denote officer rank in the military.
Eggs-2 = Denote officers (O-4 and higher in the Army and Air Force, O-5 or higher in the Navy and USCG)
Eggs-3 = Denote flag or general officers (O-7 rank and higher).
Eggs-4 = USAF officers.

The Hat

All of our custom hats begin with a MADE IN THE USA premium wool blend five-panel hat. The hats are one-size-fits-all with an adjustable two-piece cloth Velcro strap. The hats fit sizes up to 7 and 3/4.


All embroidery is done directly to the hat right here in our Maple Grove, MN headquarters. Options for embroidery are shown in the drop down menus in the options section above. If ribbons are being embroidered on the hat, we automatically place them in the correct order of precedence.

THE PICTURE IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE; ALL TEXT EMBROIDERY MUST BE REQUESTED IN THE FORM SPACES ABOVE. If a box is left blank, no text will be embroidered in that space.

Lettering to the ďrightĒ and ďleftĒ of the center emblem is as you are looking at the hat. Text on the side panels of the hat is as-you-are wearing it, the left side panel is over the left ear and the right side panel is over the right ear.

Embroidery and Delivery Timeline

We do our best to ship every custom embroidery order within three weeks (15 business days) of the day it was ordered. We make all hats in the order they are received regardless of shipping method selected. Occasionally during the year and especially before holiday seasons such as Christmas, Father's Day, and Veterans Day, we receive more orders than we can fill within our typical three week time frame. If you need an item by a certain date, it is best to call us to see if we can fill the order by the date needed.

Attachments to Ribbons

We are able to embroider most ribbon attachments. ATTACHMENTS MAY BE SLIGHTLY LARGER THAN ACCURATE SCALE. Embroidery of attachments has to be done on top of the embroidery for ribbons. Trying to embroider tiny stars onto the ribbons can ruin the hats by trying to put too much thread in a small space.

If you need assistance ordering or would like to order by telephone please call us toll free at 1-800-864-5062 and one of our customer service representatives will assist you.

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