Coast Guard Achievement Ribbon

Coast Guard Achievement Ribbon
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The Coast Guard Achievement Medal has been in effect since April 1, 1967.

All members of the Coast Guard, including Reserve personnel, and all members of other branches of the Armed Forces when serving with Coast Guard units are eligible for this award for service performed on or after April 1, 1967. The Coast Guard Achievement Medal is given for professional and/or leadership achievement in a combat or noncombat situation based on sustained performance or specific achievement of a superlative nature of such merit that it warrants more tangible recognition than is possible by the Commandant's Letter of Commendation Ribbon, but which does not warrant a Coast Guard Commendation medal or high award.

Professional achievement that merits the award of a Coast Guard Achievement Medal must clearly exceed that which is normally required or expected, considering the individual's grade or rate, training and experience and must be an important contribution which is beneficial to the United States and the Coast Guard.

Leadership achievement which merits the award of the Coast Guard Achievement Medal must be noteworthy and must be sustained so that it demonstrates a high state of development or, if awarded for a specific achievement, that achievement must be of such merit that it earns singular recognition and it must reflect credibly on the efforts of the individual toward the accomplishment of the unit mission.

Ribbon Device Attachments:

1. Bronze Letter "V" Device for Valor.

2. Silver Letter "O" Operational Distinguishing Device

3. Gold Star for each additional award.

This Coast Guard Achievement Ribbon is manufactured by the same government contractor that supplies the U.S. Army and Army Post Exchanges, it's quality is guaranteed.

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