Kuwait Liberation Medal Issued By Saudi Arabia

Kuwait Liberation Medal Issued By Saudi Arabia
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The Kuwait Liberation Medal granted by decree of the King of Saudi Arabia, dated 23-10-1411H, was accepted by the Deputy Secretary of Defense per memorandum dated 7 October 1991, subject: Acceptance of Foreign Award in Recognition of Active Field Service in Time of Combat Operations.

A gold device consisting of two crossed sabers and a palm tree is affixed to the service ribbon.

Members of the Armed Forces of the United States must have served in support of Operation Desert Storm between 17 January 1991 and 28 February 1991 in one of the following areas: Persian Gulf; Red Sea; Gulf of Oman; that portion of the Arabian Sea that lies north of 10 degrees North latitude and west of 68 degrees East longitude; the Gulf of Aden; or the total land areas of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

To be eligible, a Service member must have been:

(1) attached to or regularly serving for one or more days with an organization participating in ground/shore operations;

(2) attached to or regularly serving for one or more days aboard a naval vessel directly supporting military operations.

(3) actually participating as a crew member in one or more aerial flights supporting military operations in the areas designated above; or

(4) serving on temporary duty for 30 consecutive days during this period. This time limitation may be waived for people participating in actual combat operations.

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