U.S.Navy/USMC Parachute Badge Miniature

U.S.Navy/USMC Parachute Badge Miniature
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The Naval Parachutist Badge is issued in two degrees to members of both the United States Navy and Marine Corps who complete the standard Naval Parachutist training course. The Basic Parachutist Badge is similar in design to the Army Parachutist Badge and is issued for completion of basic parachutist training. In addition, members may qualify as a free-fall and/or a high-altitude low-opening (HALO) parachutist. Navy enlisted personnel who qualify for the Naval Parachutist Badge are authorized to include the designator (PJ) after his/her enlisted rating. Enlisted personnel that qualify as free-fall and HALO parachutists are authorized the designator (FPJ) when writing his/her rating.

The Naval Parachutist Badge is equivalent to the Army's Senior and Master Parachutist badges. The Naval Parachutist Badge is a prerequisite for the Special Warfare Badge since parachutist training is an integral part of the Navy’s BUDs program.

Our Miniture U.S.Navy-U.S.Marine Corps Parachute Badge is gold plated metal badge. This is the same badge that is supplied to the U.S. Military and sold in the Military Base Exchanges.

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