Army Master Aircrewman Badge Silver Oxide Finish

Army Master Aircrewman Badge Silver Oxide Finish
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Master Aviation Badge. Individual must successfully perform 15 years on flight status in a principal duty assignment described in AR 600-106. Soldiers in (CMF) 67 and 93, or MOS 71P, including all 68 series MOS', Warrant Officer MOS' 150A and 151A, and MOS 00Z, individuals from (CMF) 67 or 93 field, or MOS 71P field, may qualify with 17 years of experience if they meet the following criteria: (a) Only time involving frequent and regular flights will be counted toward fulfillment of this requirement, except that time involved in transit between PCS assignments, to include TDY, will also be credited; (b) Soldiers who retain (CMF) 67 or 93, or MOS 71P, while performing career progressive assignments, especially duties as Drill Sergeant, Recruiter, Career Management NCO, Career Advisor, Instructor or Equal Opportunity Advisor will be counted towards this requirement not to exceed 36 months. Warrant Officers MOS 150A or 151A may qualify after successfully performing 15 years on flight status or 17 years experience in (CMF) 67 or 93, or MOS 71P, MOS 151A or 150A. Prior enlisted (CMF) 67 time, to include MOS 71P, may count with MOS 151A experience and (CMF) 93 time may count with MOS 150A experience to fulfill this requirement; (c) Displayed complete competence in the principal duty or duties performed leading to this award; (d) Attained the grade of E-6 or higher; (e) Be recommended by the unit commander and endorsed by the next higher commander of the unit to which presently assigned. Retroactive Date. The retroactive date for the badge under these revised criteria is 1 January 1976. The retroactive date for (CMF) 93, MOS 71P, Warrant Officer MOS' 150A and 151A and individuals in MOS 00Z is 7 April 1983. Soldiers holding (CMF) 93, MOS 93D, prior to 30 September 1966 and MOS 93B, prior to 1 January 1998, to include MOS 71P prior to 30 Jun 1984 may qualify for award of the Master Aviation Badge based on documented experience.

Our Regulation Full Size Army Master Aircrew Badge is an oxidized silver plated metal badge. This is the same badge that is supplied to the U.S. Army and sold in Army Base Exchanges.

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